200+ GigaBytes of TRACE movies in QuickTime or DVD format
Karel Schrijver
Thu, 3 Nov 2005 18:55:38 PST

QT files
DVD img files
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Since its launch in 1998, the Transition-Region and Coronal Explorer, TRACE, has taken over 17 million images of the Sun (as of October 2005). A selection of these images has found its way into a widely diverse set of publications, ranging from scientific studies to the printed newsmedia (and over 200 have been discussed on the TRACE home pages at /TRACE). Images sequences have an even greater power to surprise and enchant, as illustrated in the selection of movies on the TRACE web site. These movies were necessarily short and small, however, to allow easy downloads onto a variety of platforms.

The TRACE team is pleased to announce the completion of three TRACE DVDs that together contain almost 400 movies of a variety of phenomena. They are arranged into three themes: active regions, flares, and filaments (with a few quiet-Sun bonus movies on-line only). The individual movie files are available on-line as QuickTime movies. Altogether, the movies claim over 200 GB of disk space, with individual file sizes ranging from a few MB up to 4 GB. The DVD img files (1.5-3.6 GB) are also available on-line; these may be downloaded and played, or burned onto DVD, using machines that are capable of DVD playing and writing (a fourth DVD img file contains SOHO/MDI magnetograms from launch until 2005); the DVDs show all TRACE movies in the collection, sorted by topic and date, with all materials rescaled to the available screen size of 640x480 pixels; the QT movies often show a substantial field of view with more pixels.

The movies on the DVD set were compiled and produced by Alan Title, the Principal Investigator of TRACE.