These pages are intended to provide the general public, and specifically students and their teachers, with some tools to learn more about the Sun and about the TRACE program. You'll find some basic information here, as well as links to other sites on the Web that contain more detailed explanations of solar physics.

Here is a graphical model of the Sun showing the main features of our very own star.

The Sun's magnetic field is the cause of some strange phenomena. Here is a quick graphic explanation of how the magnetic field works.

The TRACE mission is an important step in our attempt to better understand the forces at work on the Sun. Here is a brief multimedia explanation of what scientists hope to accomplish with TRACE observations.
There are so many great sites on the Web that will help you learn more about the Sun, how it works and how it affects life on Earth. Here are a couple of links to help you get started. Enjoy!

  • Stanford Solar Center
    The Solar Center is from Stanford University. This site contains a ton of stuff on the Sun, including games and activities, lots of pictures, a glossary of Sun related terms, and more. This is an award winning site that you don't want to miss.
  • YPOP
    This site is called YPOP, for Yohkoh Public Outreach Program. The folks at Lockheed Martin and Montana State University have put together a website with lots of cool stuff from the Japanese Yohkoh satellite, which has been studying X-rays from the Sun for years. Here you'll also find pictures, movies and a very informative tour of the Sun.
  • The Light Tour
    What's the difference between an X-ray image and a visible light image of the Sun? It all come down to wavelengths. This site from Center for Ultraviolet Astrophysics provides a fun explanation of how the electromagnetic spectrum works.
  • NASA sites
    NASA is always a good source for educational resources on the Sun. Here is a selection of NASA links where you can find additional stuff about solar physics, and about the satellites that are studying the Sun.
    • SoHO
      This is the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Homepage. TRACE observations are coordinated with SoHO observations.
    • International Solar-Terrestrial Physics
      The International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Homepage has information about the connection between the Sun and Earth.
    • Goddard Space Flight Center
      The Goddard Space Flight Center is the NASA group in charge of the TRACE mission. This site has lots of info on all of the projects Goddard is working on.
    • Small Explorer Trace site
      This is the Homepage for the NASA Small Explorer (SMEX) program.

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